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Marine Drive Beach

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Marine Drive Beach
Location: Near Nariman Point and Malabar Hill, South Mumbai

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Marine Drive Beach is situated along the shoreline from the Arabian Sea and stretches correct from the Nariman Point for the foot of Malabar Hill.

The 2 ends of the beach appear across as totally contrasting, with the Nariman Level becoming a concrete jungle and Malabar Hill becoming resplendent with nature's magnificence.

Marine Drive Beach was reclaimed from the Back Bay in 1920 and given that then, it's got been very common amongst the locals at the same time because the vacationers going to the Mumbai metropolis of India.

Cool breezes sweeping the Beach serve as an great relaxant for the physique and its awesome sands lure you to consider long walks.

Marine Drive Beach stretches more than an area of approximately 3 kilometers and is also incredibly common amongst children who appear right here to run about, play video games and also have fun.

Even partners regular the place in big numbers to spend someday in solitude. You may locate a substantial number of hawkers at the Marine Drive Beach, promoting scrumptious street foods, local knick knacks, and so on.

The Beach can also be fairly famous for its remarkable sunset views. One of the most popular promenades in Mumbai, marine Drive will catch you unawares with its picturesque beauty. The street running along the Beach has long been termed because the 'Queen's Necklace', due to the spectacular curve of its glittering streetlights at evening.

Whenever you might be inside the Mumbai metropolis, make certain to visit this impressive seashore and shed yourself inside the enjoyable that seems to become resonating in its environment.

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